Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fantastic Frames

My favorite pair of vintage frames! Found on Ebay for about $25, plus $50 for my prescription lenses. Here are some other ones in my collection
Don't remember where I found these :-/
I was so excited when I won these sparkly glasses on Ebay! But when they showed up it turns out they were children's frames!!!! BOOHOO! That was about 2 years ago, and now I have a little girl, so I guess it all worked out!
These have beautiful mother of pearl detail. I found these on Ebay as well for around $20. I recently came across a shop on Etsy  that has the best and most reasonable priced frames I have found online to date!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday Dress

So I went out in search of knee-length colored crinoline at a local church second hand store and failed :-( I did, however, find a few other things I couldn't leave without!
Love the broad shoulders in this. I need to find something nice to wear under it so I can pull it off as a dress. Found this for $3.50

The little butterflies on this were too much to pass up! Originally, the dress was cut right to my ankles, but with my 5'1" stature, I had to hem it to below my knees. I wore this the other evening to my company's Christmas meeting and everyone loved it! I will post a pic of my whole outfit when I am able to steal one from a co-worker. This I found for $3.50.
And lastly, these fabulous clip on earrings! The 2 sets at the bottom I found for .99 cents and the large ones at the top were given to me by a co-worker! Love!


Saturday Skirt

The one thing I love about Fall moving it's way into Winter is the fact that I can break out my heavy knits! Since I am still struggling to lose this extra baby weight ( 20 lbs left to go!) I can only squeeze into a few numbers in my collection. This skirt in particular I have never worn before. I found it at our local Goodwill for about $4 and the gloves I found at Grey Beards in Jacobus, PA for around $10.
I love the pleating in this! Plus it has elastic in the waist thank goodness!