Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fantastic Frames

My favorite pair of vintage frames! Found on Ebay for about $25, plus $50 for my prescription lenses. Here are some other ones in my collection
Don't remember where I found these :-/
I was so excited when I won these sparkly glasses on Ebay! But when they showed up it turns out they were children's frames!!!! BOOHOO! That was about 2 years ago, and now I have a little girl, so I guess it all worked out!
These have beautiful mother of pearl detail. I found these on Ebay as well for around $20. I recently came across a shop on Etsy  that has the best and most reasonable priced frames I have found online to date!


  1. You have some lovely frames. Love the one with the glitter and sparkles.
    To bad the other one was to small, but I think your little lady will look stunning with them.

  2. Beautiful frames! My favourite pair is a black cats eye that I discovered on etsy for $10. I absolutely love them and they are my everyday pair. Now I need a pair with a bit more bling, like yours.

    1. Did you check out the etsy link I posted? They are far from $10 but they are so amazing!

  3. You are so stunning :O Pink hair and a perfect pair of glitter frames?! <3

    Ruby xx

  4. I love your collection of cat eye frames and you look great in those glitter ones!

  5. Good quality workmanship, material; the fit matched the sizing details, which by the way was great; as i was lost until the seller compared their sizing to 'women' sizes. So pretty much all was as described.
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